History 1378 Syllabus

Fall 2019

History 1378

Prof. Buzzanco

Office Hours: By Appointment


Required Books

America From Lincoln To Trump

includes textbook, The Struggle for America, and 2 supplemental books, Documents in U.S. History, and Readings in U.S. History

Books available at bookstore or online from Nunn-McGinty Publishers




Your grade in this course will be based on your scores on three exams [which may include essays and  IDs], two during the semester, at dates announced in class and on Blackboard ,worth 100 points each, and a final exam, worth 150 points. There will also be intermittent in-class, open-book quizzes, which we will announce ahead of time.   Practice questions will be given out before the tests and review sessions with TAs will be scheduled.

Makeup Policy–read carefully.  We do not want to get flooded with requests for makeups.  Do everything in your power to be here on test dates.  If you miss an exam due to verifiable emergency conditions, with proper documentation, there will be makeup tests given on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the professor/TAs. On the day of your scheduled make-up, you will be required to make up all missing tests.  The only excuses for missing that day will also be medical or other emergencies [not travel plans], for which you must provide written documentation. If you miss the makeup test, you will receive zeroes for those tests.  Additionally, it is your responsibility to notify your TA that you have missed an exam and to schedule a make-up as soon as possible.


Make sure you attend class regularly and keep up with the assigned readings. If at any time you are unsure of the material we are covering, please ask the T.A. or me.

For information on Incompletes or other UH policies and requirements, consult the UH Student Handbook.


Questioning a grade: If you have questions or other issues with the grade you received on a test, this is the procedure to follow. 


First, the TAs will not discuss your tests right after we turn them back to you (other than to correct a math error in the grading).  Please look at your exam and wait a day before contacting your TA.  Make an appointment with him/her and come to that meeting with specific questions and concerns and be prepared to specifically explain why you deserved a higher grade (do not simply say “I studied and thought I should have done better”).  If the TA and you do not reach an agreement, the TA will re-grade the entire test and the score be increased, decreased, or stay the same.


If at that point you still are not satisfied, make an appointment with me and bring  your specific concerns and questions and I will go over the exam and, as above, possibly re-grade it and give a new score accordingly.  At all times be respectful and courteous toward the TAs , and the same is expected of their interactions with you. At the end of the semester, please do not send me an email asking for your grade to be raised because you need extra points to maintain your GPA or to graduate or for other such reasons.  Again, any questioning of your grade must include specific questions or comments regarding the specific questions on the test.


Classroom decorum: Please put away your cell phones and any other devices besides a laptop.  Be courteous and quiet.


Topics and Reading Assignments


The books will be listed as Struggle, Documents, and Readings


Week 1


Background: Reconstruction, Capitalism, Labor Wars, Empire


STRUGGLE, chapter 1

DOCUMENTS, chapter 1


Week 2

Imperialism, Markets, the Great War


STRUGGLE, chapter 2

DOCUMENTS, chapter 2

READINGS, chapter 1


Week 3


The Aftermath of War Abroad and at Home


READINGS, chapter 2

DOCUMENTS, chapter 3


Week 4


The 1920s


STRUGGLE, chapter 3


Week 5


FDR and the New Deal

STRUGGLE, chapter 4


Week 6


The Onset of War

STRUGGLE, chapter 5

READINGS, chapter 3


Week 7

 War, the Bomb, and Cold Wr 

STRUGGLE, chapter 6

READINGS, chapter 4


Week 8


The War at Home: Domestic Containment (Conformity and Counterculture)


STRUGGLE, chapter 7

DOCUMENTS, chapter 4


Week 9


Taking the Third World, Origins of Vietnam


DOCUMENTS, chapter 5

Vietnam and the Transformation of American Life,



Week 10

 The Modern Civil Rights Era


STRUGGLE, chapter 8

DOCUMENTS, chapter 7

READINGS, chapter 5


Week 11


Questioning Authority: The 1960s


DOCUMENTS, chapter 6

READINGS, chapter 6


Week 12


Backlash and the Rise of the Conservatives


STRUGGLE, chapter 10

READINGS, chapter 7


Week 13


Globalization and Militarism from Reagan to Clinton


READINGS, chapter 8


Week 14


Economic Crash and Background to 9/11


STRUGGLE, chapter 11

DOCUMENTS, chapter 8

READINGS, chapter 9


Week 15


The U.S., Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Middle East


STRUGGLE, Conclusion



Final Exam



























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